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Table Mat

It is a versatile table mat that is made of tempered glass and is not damaged even when placed on a hot pot, and can be used as a hygienic board that boasts a high antibacterial ability due to environment friendly material harmless to human body.


  • Interior effects on the table or in the kitchen area
  • Eco-friendly safe tempered glass which is not harmful to human body
  • Heat-resisting property which can used as hot pot stand
  • No scratched or flawed and free from contamination and smell
  • Easy washing with water
  • Multipurpose mat which can be used as tray, cutting board and so on


  • 420 x 280 x t3.2 mm


  • 4PCS/box – 4kg/box
  • 2PCS/box – 2kg/box
  • 1PCS/box – 1kg/box

Table Mat Design

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