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Business Field
Since 2005, Sungil Innotech Co., Ltd. has been making steady investments and efforts to satisfy customers’ expectations and demands through the largest production line and continuous technology development as a leader in glass processing and coating, 3D screen design and smart glass.
DECO Plate
It uses a digital method that can produce an excellent color accuracy, a high resolution and a clean image, a screen design method & realistic expression and various colors to not only make practical use possible, but also allow you to enjoy various interior effects.
Smart Glass
PDLC GLASS is a type of smart window technology, which refers to polymer molecular liquid crystals. The most important characteristic of the PDLC is that it changes in a transparent or opaque state depending on the application of the electric field. Utilizing this characteristic, it can be actively applied in various fields such as construction industry, transportation industry, advertising industry and so on.
Home Appliances Parts
We continue to deal with domestic and foreign companies based on special 3D embossing design technology applied to interior and exterior materials of home appliances using materials including glass, acrylic, iron plate, etc.
Furniture Products
It is a furniture product developed by utilizing the production technology of household appliances, so the company is expanding the supply to new apartment market and concentrate on developing smart furniture technology using artificial intelligence and internet (IoT).
Major Client Domestic
Major ClientOverseas
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